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As you have read in our past monthly breakdowns, we are working hard on the development of the Bistroo Core V4 update. This project will optimize the entire web app, mobile app and merchant dashboard. In this blog, we provide some more insights on this topic and take you along in our development process on this major platform update. We are extremely proud of the progress the team has made so far, and are very excited to share this with our community.

How did the Bistroo Core V4 project start?

Bistroo started in 2019 with a MVP/BETA version of the application and has been officially live since early…

Pizza lovers, we have some great news for you! We’re proud to announce that we’re now officially working together with New York Pizza!

As our founder & CEO Bas Roos put it ‘We are delighted to onboard such a prestigious brand as New York Pizza. This is just the beginning, there are many more great restaurants coming up in the following months.’

Starting in the third quarter of this year, we will be going live with the first two New York Pizza Restaurants on the platform! In the meantime, we are working hard on the next big update for…

Another busy month for Bistroo! Expanding the community, developing the ecosystem and new partnerships are here!

General Updates

August has been a busy month for us as we are preparing to launch our Bistroo Core v4 platform update in a few weeks. Besides that, we have been working on bridging our BIST token to one of the most renown and active networks in the space! Our marketing team has been hard at work at forming multi channel partnerships and setting up valuable long term collaborations. The past weeks have definitely marked some nice milestones for our business and ecosystem.

Time to whip…

Getting ready for the next phase! Brand awareness, technological development, partnerships and growth campaigns have been the main focus this month.

General Updates

During July, we worked hard on the upcoming Bistroo Core v4 launch, building and bringing our internal processes to the next level.

With these efforts and the upcoming updates, we are laying the foundation for scaling and growth both on a technical level as well as the organisational level. With the first deployments of our platform V4 update in the next few weeks, we keep the focus on delivering what is necessary to grow the Bistroo ecosystem! …

Bistroo Breakdown monthly cover June

This month has been all about new hires and partnerships! We’re getting close to having all the experts on board to fully set sail with the Bistroo ship. Next to that — partnerships galore! Our dev team has been working hard on the Core V4 launch.

General Updates

We’ve been getting the final hires integrated into the Bistroo team so that we are covered on all sides to further grow over the coming year(s). …

With rising Ethereum prices and the rising GAS Fees that accompanied this during the sale, we offered a compensation of 400 free BIST Tokens. Everyone who participated in our Token Sale is eligible for one of these compensations per unique wallet address. This 400 free BIST is available for claiming as of now!

Head over to our Token Sale Portal, connect with your whitelisted wallet, and press the designated button for claiming your additional BIST Tokens. …

Bistroo Breakdown for May 2021

With COVID measures slowly easing, May marked the moment for the market to return to a more normal setting. A first step to proving ourselves in a normalizing market. With team and partnership expansions and work on the merchant dashboard, consumer app and developer marketplace, we have a stacked Bistroo Breakdown for you!

Current Stats

Even though all the COVID-19 circumstances might have affected our platform launch and adoption after March 3rd 2020, we are looking forward to the changing market conditions to really show our worth. Our story has not changed due to COVID but market conditions certainly have. We keep…

If you have provided liquidity for the ETH/BIST pair and received your LP tokens, you can now stake these. In this blog you will learn how to stake these LP tokens and earn rewards. Haven’t provided liquidity yet? Learn how!

BIST Liquidity Staking Program
The LP tokens earned by providing liquidity on UniSwap during the first day of trading can then be deposited into the staking portal for your additional BIST rewards!

To see your LP Tokens, add the contract to your wallet: 0xcc290a463aa1c2afd36990f1eec40b734c3bf3f3

I’ve provided liquidity, earned my first batch of LP tokens, how do I stake them?


After the BIST Token launch, liquidity needs to be provided for the trading pair ETH/BIST. We will be providing part of this liquidity, but we need your help with that as well. You’ll have the option to earn additional BIST rewards if you do so!

I’ve claimed my tokens, what is UniSwap Liquidity Providing?

With the distribution of BIST taking place on 16th May 10:00 UTC, providing liquidity on the UniSwap ETH/BIST pool is now an option for token holders. …

Bistroo Ask Me Anything blog

Ask Bistroo Anything! Over the past few weeks, we have collected questions from our community on Telegram, Twitter and Reddit. This blogs answers all of those questions.

Feel free to join the conversation and ask any additional question you might have over on our Telegram Community Channel.

Next to that, we’re listing on this Sunday, 16th May, at 10:00PM UTC. Be there!

Let’s dive right in…

Marketing & Community

Is there an approach to draw people to the BIST Token, also after the initial listing?

Bistroo is, compared to other projects in the crypto space, substantially further along in traction and operations…


A direct-to-consumer marketplace for meals, food & beverages.🍔🥙 Powered by the BIST Token.

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