Bistroo App & Merchant Dashboard Updates

4 min readFeb 23, 2021


Blockchain food startup Bistroo mobile app marketplace and Merchant Dashboard

We hit the ground running in 2021. It is still our core goal to give customers a transparant, easy to use method to directly purchase food and beverages from restaurants and producers of speciality goods. In conjuction with this it is our goal to give the entrepreneurs the tools to manage their business online as easily and effectively as possible. That’s why we’re starting the first major update of the year with changes that give more flexibility, control and ease of use to the platform members.

Delivery costs

Bistroo merchant dashboard delivery costs per area

Merchants can now indicate for different delivery areas what the minimum order amount is and whether there is a certain order amount that makes delivery free. For example, you can impose a higher minimum order amount in areas that are further away or more difficult to reach.

Serverside rendering

We have integrated our website to a new framework that vastly improves the loading speed and our traceability on Google and other search engines. At the same time, this allows for better optimalisation for Google Rankings.

Easy order navigation

To make the overview of merchant orders more clear, the distribution information now always includes a date and a time. We have also added a navigation button to easily move to the previous or next order. Merchants can also click on the calendar in the order overview to quickly jump to a selected date on the calendar to view all orders on that day.

Bistroo merchant dashboard function giving quick navigation through a calendar

Photo cropping

It is possible that the photos uploaded to the platform for banners or products are not the correct dimensions. To make it easier for merchants to adjust their pictures we added a crop function when uploading images to the Bistroo marketplace.

Payment processing

In order to smoothen the order checkout experience for the customer, the payment method selection process now takes place within the Bistroo marketplace instead of externally on the platform of our payment processor Mollie.

Furthermore, when a payment fails the distribution settings are saved instead of being discarded.

Locking timeslots and dashboard sections

If it is very busy at certain times, restaurants may want to block a number of time slots to reduce the pressure. Merchants can now block specific timeslots under the distribution functions.

Merchants now also have the option to put a lock on order, menu, settings or invoice pages. This function ensures that only people with the correct password can access these pages.

Bistroo merchant dashboard function showing how to lock dashboard sections

Partial refunds

Merchants now have the option to partially refund payments to customers. The entire amount does not always have to be repaid. With this new tool it is indicate the exact refund amount without having to involve Bistroo or the payment processor in the refunding process.

Bistroo merchant dashboard partial refund

Automated administration

From now on the platform uses an administration system that automatically generates an overview of invoices on the first day of each month. Merchants can easily check or export this overview via the dashboard.

Quick menu navigation & sorting

The menu options have now been made a lot clearer customers. Customers can easily jump to different sections of the menu via the bar at the top of the screen. In addition, we have made the search functions a lot more accurate, making it a lot easier for your customers to find exactly what they’re looking for on the marketplace.

Also, within the marketplace it is now possible to adjust the method of sorting the restaurants or producers of speciality goods. These can be sorted by popularity, distance, newest or rating.

Bistroo marketplace quick menu navigation tool

Avoiding spamfilters

To ensure that order confirmations do not end up in the spam folder as quickly, these emails now go through an external service.

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