Bistroo Connects With Stripe To Future-Proof Payments In The Food Sector

Bistroo has partnered with Stripe to improve its merchant-onboarding process and increase its payment options, paving the way for next-generation marketplace utilities. Stripe’s Connect API has been fully integrated and implemented in production over the past year and is up and running for Bistroo’s merchants.

2 min readApr 26, 2024

By integrating with Stripe, we allow merchants to easily process payments and accept a multitude of payment options for their store within the Bistroo ecosystem. The entire flow is self-supported and helps merchants quickly onboard themselves onto Bistroo and Stripe, using the Stripe connect API platform.

With Stripe’s announcement that it will be re-entering the cryptocurrency market, Bistroo has a like-minded partner. “The crypto adoption roadmap re-initiated by Stripe is of particular interest to Bistroo. We are taking notes and seem to have similar ambitions for crypto becoming available as mainstream payment-options for businesses”, Bas Roos, CEO and co-founder of Bistroo, said.

Necessary business KYC checks are performed by Stripe in order to maintain operational payments structure for the merchant. Furthermore, partial payments, vouchers and refunds are now easier to manage. Utilizing the connect API within the Bistroo ecosystem allows us to quickly tap into any development within the payment space, while committing to regulatory compliance on processing payments for businesses. Any new payment options available and relevant for Bistroo’s users can therefore quickly be integrated when available in Bistroo’s operating regions.

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