Bistroo Launches World’s First Restaurant Self-Onboarding Portal

Bistroo is thrilled to announce the introduction of its Merchant Self-Onboarding Portal, marking a significant stride towards a multi-channel onboarding process. This new portal transitions from the more traditional, labor-intensive physical onboarding to a streamlined, online-driven process.

3 min readOct 19, 2023

A Broader Spectrum

“This transformation is not just about simplifying procedures but also about opening doors to a broader spectrum of merchants to join the Bistroo platform,” says CEO Bas Roos. Our new approach is designed to streamline the onboarding process for merchants, saving valuable time and resources. Moreover, it provides much-needed flexibility, allowing businesses to onboard themselves at a pace that suits their operational rhythm. This self-directed onboarding model reflects Bistroo’s dedication to creating a user-centric ecosystem.

A World First

This initiative is a world first, setting Bistroo apart from other platforms where onboarding is typically facilitated through account managers. This novel approach not only expedites the onboarding process but also places the reins firmly in the hands of the merchants, an empowerment rarely seen in the industry.

By reimagining the way merchants are integrated onto our platform, Bistroo aims to accelerate growth and extend its services to a larger array of businesses. This innovation is not only set to enhance the user experience for our merchants but also to create positive ripple effects across the entire Bistroo Ecosystem. We are not just unveiling a feature; we are ushering in a new era of merchant integration, one that epitomizes ease, efficiency, and expansiveness. The self onboarding portal in now available in Dutch to cater for the Dutch market but will also be available in English in the future as Bistroo expands internationally.

The Wizard

Central to this self-onboarding portal is the user-friendly installation wizard, designed to guide users through the self-onboarding process. Every step of the way, the installation wizard is there to guide, making the transition onto the Bistroo platform a breeze. Take a first look at the Wizard below.

Bistroo Self-Onboarding Wizard: Sign up page
Bistroo Self-Onboarding Wizard: Restaurant information

AI Website Builder

The forthcoming release of Bistroo’s AI Website Builder is an extension of the Self-Onboarding Portal, paving the way for merchants to not only join the platform autonomously but also to create a professional website effortlessly without aid of developers or account manager. This cohesive integration empowers merchants to manage their digital transition smoothly, eliminating any dependency on external assistance.

CEO Bas Roos states, “The combination of the Self-Onboarding Portal with the AI Website Builder is a monumental stride in Bistroo’s journey, enabling merchants to steer their online transition autonomously, from onboarding to website creation. This is not just a feature release; it’s a significant milestone toward democratizing the digital space for our merchant community.” The tandem operation of these innovative features is set to drastically reduce the time and resources traditionally required for onboarding and website setup, thereby fostering a more inclusive and accessible digital ecosystem for restaurants.

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