Bistroo partners with New York Pizza, brings users a new slice of excellence

2 min readMay 29, 2021

Pizza lovers, we have some great news for you! We’re proud to announce that we’re now officially working together with New York Pizza!

As our founder & CEO Bas Roos put it ‘We are delighted to onboard such a prestigious brand as New York Pizza. This is just the beginning, there are many more great restaurants coming up in the following months.’

Starting in the third quarter of this year, we will be going live with the first two New York Pizza Restaurants on the platform! In the meantime, we are working hard on the next big update for the Bistroo platform, dubbed Bistroo Core v4. This update will enable some additional features, like the ‘create your own pizza’ feature that New York Pizza offers to their customers.

The first New York Pizza restaurants are considered our pilot opportunity to prove our system’s flexibility and performance. Once we have passed this pilot period, we will have the opportunity to continue onboarding additional New York Pizza locations all over the Netherlands. A slice for everyone!

Our next update is much more than just this feature. There will be major improvements to the Merchant back-office, for example, for handling restaurant chains. We will be implementing a structure where a single user account can manage multiple stores in a multi-store setup. This dramatically improves our servicing power for bigger restaurant labels where a chain of command is applicable, and makes life easier for restaurant owners with multiple locations.

About New York Pizza

New York Pizza has been active in the Netherlands since 1993, and currently has over 200 locations nationwide. Their signature recipe and fresh ingredients create a unique and authentic pizza and pasta experience. We are delighted to have the first stores coming to the Bistroo platform.

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