Grow And Earn: Get Up To $150 In BIST For Referring Restaurants

We’re looking for you! Bistroo is accelerating its growth ahead of the global expansion with the launch of Through the Partner Program, community members can earn rewards by referring and onboarding qualified restaurants.

2 min readMar 25, 2024

The Partner Program

With the global expansion of Bistroo at our doorstep, we want our community to help us increase our growth. Through a mutually beneficial Grown and Earn program, participants can earn BIST rewards. If you help us find a merchant within our Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) you will be able to earn BIST.

The Partner Program will be rolled out in tandem with our global rollout for This means, that the first iteration of the Partner Program is for restaurants in the Netherlands and our upcoming expansion region of Belgium. Belgium will be the pilot country for For our broader international community, we will be keeping you posted for a global launch!

Sign up to be a Bistroo Partner here.

The deadline to sign up is April 5h, 23:59 CEST

The two reward tiers

Rewards are divided into two tiers; referrals and onboarded merchants.

  • Referral ($75 reward in BIST): You have spoken to a potential merchant and they have expressed interest in a BistrooWebshop or BistrooPage product, we reach out to seal the deal. It is crucial that an introduction was made to Bistroo and that the merchant has expressed interest in either a BistrooWebshop or BistrooPage product, since we cannot waste resources on unqualified leads.
  • Referral + onboarding($150 reward in BIST): You introduce a merchant to Bistroo. After they express interest, you help the merchant go through the self-onboarding process to sign them up and create their account. This takes about 5 minutes. We can help the merchant optimize their store and publish it for ordering.

The partner process will be digitized in the future through a dedicated Partner Portal in which you can follow the deal-stage for your leads in real time and what rewards will be available to you at that time. You can then claim your rewards through the portal. For the Netherlands and pilot region Belgium, and for learning purposes, this will be a manual process in the meantime.

Terms and conditions

  • The merchants will go live (for a 30-day free trial-period) and is able to receive orders before the rewards are distributed;
  • The merchant trials either a BistrooWebshop or BistrooPage product;
  • The merchant fits the ICP.

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