I participated in the Token Sale, how do I claim my BIST tokens?

If you have participated in the Bistroo Token Sale you sent the Ethereum amount corresponding to your purchase to the Bistroo Token Contract, through the Token Sale Portal. However, these BIST Tokens are not in your own wallet yet. Once the BIST Token Distribution Event occurs, you will be able to claim your BIST Tokens to your own wallet. After this, you have full control over your BIST Tokens. If you do not claim them instantly (to wait for a better gas price, for example), do not worry, these Tokens do not disappear. They will remain in the contract until you claim them.

The distribution of BIST tokens from the Token Sale will commence on 16th May 2021 at Noon (10:00PM) UTC. This is 12.00PM CET for those in the Amsterdam/Paris time zone.

Please note: The 400 BIST gas fee compensation per wallet claim will follow at a later date. As the smart contract for this is separate and we will have to develop, test and deploy this over the coming few weeks.

Please refer to online timezone websites to pinpoint the moment in your timezone.

At this time, you can claim your tokens through our Token Sale Portal. You will need to login with the exact same wallet/account that you used to participate in the Token Sale with. Your BIST Tokens are reserved on that specific ERC20 wallet address, and this cannot be changed. Be sure you have access to this wallet before the moment of distribution to be completely prepared.

You may initiate and execute the claim operation at any time that suits you. The smart contract will be available on the Ethereum blockchain at any time in the future. There’s no end date for claiming your BIST.

The process is very similar to participating in the sale:

2. Connect & link your ERC20 Wallet.

Please make sure you connect with the exact same wallet/account you participated in the tokensale with. The smart contract allocated your specific amount of BIST to that exact address. The wallet for the claim cannot be changed, as it is set and saved in the smart contract and Ethereum ledger. Based on the amount of ETH contributed from an ERC20 account/wallet, the relative amount of BIST is made available to claim for that account/wallet specifically.

3. Press the ‘Claim’ button

4. Sign transaction in your Metamask or other wallet

The pop-up dialog window from Metamask, or other wallet, will open when clicking the ‘claim’ button and all you have to do is sign the transaction.

Please be aware, when signing a transaction in MetaMask it uses a default gas price, which is an average price for that time. You can manually increase the Gwei price in your wallet to speed up or slow down the transaction validation process. This website can help you determine the current gas price on the Ethereum network or a more favorable moment.

Please add the BIST Token information to your wallet by either filling in the Contract Address under the Custom Token setting, or clicking the blue hyperlink under the ‘claim’ button to automatically add the token information to your Metamask. If you do not do this, you will not be able to see your BIST Tokens (even though they are there).

Contract Address: 0x6e8908cfa881c9f6f2c64d3436e7b80b1bf0093f (Etherscan)

After the transaction is successfully processed by the Ethereum network, your balance BIST will be shown in your wallet.

🎉Welcome to the Community! You’re now the proud owner of your very own BIST Tokens!🎉

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