Surprise! Your 400 Free BIST Tokens are now Claimable!

2 min readJun 23, 2021

With rising Ethereum prices and the rising GAS Fees that accompanied this during the sale, we offered a compensation of 400 free BIST Tokens. Everyone who participated in our Token Sale is eligible for one of these compensations per unique wallet address. This 400 free BIST is available for claiming as of now!

Head over to our Token Sale Portal, connect with your whitelisted wallet, and press the designated button for claiming your additional BIST Tokens. You can only connect your wallet and claim the additional 400 BIST with the portal if you have been whitelisted for the sale, and have participated in it.

There is only one claim of 400 BIST per unique wallet address that has participated in the Token Sale, even if you did multiple transactions from the same wallet during the sale.

If you’re trying to claim your additional BIST Tokens, please make sure you are connected with the exact same wallet address that you bought BIST Tokens with in the Token Sale, otherwise it will not work. You will need to cover the GAS prices to claim these BIST Tokens to your wallet yourself.

NOTE: Please look at your GAS fee settings and GWEI price when signing the transaction! Low gas (GWEI) price settings can lead to long(er) processing times for the transaction on the blockchain. Always check current average gas prices on websites like

Please be aware that claiming these tokens may be done at any time in the future, per your convenience. The BIST tokens will stay available through the smart contract at any time.

Get your fill on everything Bistroo!

Bistroo is a direct-to-consumer marketplace for meals, food & beverages, powered by the BIST Token. An ecosystem where food consumption can be easily organized and personalized against significantly reduced fees. Superior customer convenience but with better terms.

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Bistroo is a peer-to-peer marketplace for food & beverages, powered by the BIST Token🍔🥙🥃