The Bistroo Breakdown : Mid-Year Progress Report


General Update — Q1 & Q2

Expansion of BistrooProduct Catalogue

KHN Partnership


Marketing & Sales


Roadmap Update & Developments

  • Framework update (Release in July)
  • Customer Journey optimizations (Release in July)
  • User accounts & re-ordering (Released in March)
  • Order Live View (Release in July)
  • Updated custom menu-builder (To be released in July)
  • Bistroo POS print manager (To be released in July)
  • Automated merchant warning & consumer notifications system (Released in June)
  • Checkout optimizations (To be released in July)
  • BistrooPage release (To be released in July)


  • On-chain Settlements POC (Community BETA test Q3)
  • Reward Systems
  • Invite a friend (consumer) (Community BETA test Q4)
  • Onboard your favorite restaurant (consumer) (Community BETA test Q4)
  • Merchant referral (merchant) (Community BETA test Q4)
  • Staking program release (ETH & BSC)

Updated Roadmap



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