The Bistroo Breakdown: Monthly Progress Report — April 2021

4 min readMay 7, 2021

We’re gearing up for our listing on Uniswap! With preparations for liquidity staking and Token Sale claiming, we’re well on our way. Next to that our Ambassador Program V1.0 launched and we started on CORE V4; a complete redesign of our backend framework, consumer app and merchant dashboard.

Current Stats

  • We finalized our Token Sale ahead of schedule and completely sold out, raising $10,000,000 in the process.
  • We’re getting everything ready for our first listing on on May 16 at 12.00PM CET.
  • In April, we have processed more than 5500 orders in the Netherlands, through the Bistroo platform.
  • Our team has grown again, with the hire of an office manager and a new developer.
  • We have started working together with our new marketing partners; Double Agency. They work with the likes of TikTok, Sendcloud and also know their way around the crypto-verse, working with ExeedMe.

Bistroo Core V4

This month, we have started a new project called Bistroo Core v4. It includes a complete redesign of our backend framework, consumer app and merchant dashboard. Prior to this we’ve started developing our new app design. We have been wanting to improve our architecture for some time and this was the perfect time to refactor some core parts within the Bistroo backend API and in our frontend framework. This will result in a better utilisation of the core components and resources.

For our API we have looked at the factors that currently delay or affect our efficiency in the development process. For example, an account is currently directly linked to a merchant, in the new structure this will be separated. This is a major benefit, especially for merchants with multiple stores. Currently, the merchant needs multiple accounts for maintaining multiple stores (for example, a take-away shop and a QR order shop). With this new structure an account can have multiple stores, and a user has different levels of authorisation per store (for example, store owner, store manager, employee).

This redesign also includes a new, more user-friendly merchant dashboard. Our current dashboard has a website-like design, we want to make this more abstract and functional. The new design should have a more well rounded look and fee, allowing the merchant to use it full screen or as a stand alone application and find all functions quickly without much graphical interference.

Bistroo merchant dashboard new design

We are also working on a more customizable product flow, wherein the merchant has much more freedom to set up his own menus, specials and deals via the new editor. Finally, we want to speed up the integration procedure for third-party software, such as webshops andPOS-systems. We are currently building integrations with these parties ourselves. However, due to the lack of development hours, this is currently running too slow. As a solution, we are going to build a merchant API ourselves, with which in the future these parties can integrate seamlessly (on their own, or with an external develop resource).

Other Development Updates

  • Untill integration: We have optimized our Untill POS integration. This was already partly built but never tested or put into operation. Since the terraces were allowed to open again in the Netherlands, we also had our first QR-code orders. Some of our merchants wanted to receive these orders directly on their POS-system. This process is being streamlined as well.
  • Advanced print manager settings: On the request of our merchants, it is now possible to link multiple printers with different configurations (think of number of receipts, type of receipt, etc.) to our own print manager in the merchant dashboard. This print manager is a custom made module for the Epson POS printers, since these printers themselves do not support this functionality in the ePOS SDK.

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