The Bistroo Breakdown : Monthly Progress Report — August 2022

Every month, we publish a monthly update to our token holders and broader community. Welcome to the August 2022 edition. We appreciate the support and we look forward to our community’s feedback and suggestions.

  • We struck a partnership with the Dutch Blockchain Coalition which is a major player in The Netherlands when it comes to pushing the blockchain industry forward. This will help us connect with like-minded builders in Web3 and bring our knowledge of the food industry and blockchain-based app development to the table and overall raise more awareness about Bistroo. You can check DBC’s official announcement here on their website.
  • Our CEO, Bas Roos, was invited to BNR Zakendoen, a major radio program in the Netherlands to pitch Bistroo and discuss the Winner-Takes-All strategy that competitors are using and why it is not sustainable. You can listen to the podcast here (timestamp 1:22:40).
  • We were featured in an article on NewsBit.
  • We implemented our revamped brand identity to improve our market positioning and brand image. The same Bistroo recipe but with more spice and flavor!
  • We launched the Eindhoven Branding Campaign in early August as part of our region-based strategy.
  • We onboarded 3 interns in Marketing & Sales.
  • We took the first steps in the preparation and design for the Merchant Self-Onboarding flow (exciting!). We’re also preparing the funnels for that.
  • We initiated the configuration and integration of the Zendesk customer service tool.
  • We implemented and optimized the Pipedrive merchant support channels and infrastructure.
  • The Merchant Portal v04 is a fact! We launched it on August 1st and this is an amazing milestone. You can read more about the details in this tweet thread here.
  • We laid a solid foundation on our Stripe-integration which is now being tested.
  • We reworked our POS-printer integration for the merchant portal, including USB- & webUSB-support.
  • BIST: We developed the Initial version of the P2P Settlement contract as well as the initial version of the Referral rewards contract. They are both now being tested internally.
  • We laid the initial groundwork for running a minimized version of the merchant portal on a mobile printing device (we’re looking forward to completing this milestone!).
  • We worked on redesigning some specific consumer app pages.
  • We reworked & improved our user-tracking integration. This will help us in our marketing efforts.
  • We implemented additional SEO-features for our marketing team.
  • We hired a new backend developer.
  • We migrated a big part of our API unit-tests to a more scalable setup.
  • We ran several minor bug fixes and improvements throughout the total stack (API / Merchant-Portal / UX).



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Bistroo is a peer-to-peer marketplace for food & beverages, powered by the BIST Token🍔🥙🥃