The Bistroo Breakdown: Monthly Progress Report —December 2020

4 min readJan 8, 2021
The Bistroo Breakdown cover for December 2020

From COVID19 lockdowns affecting restaurants and fresh producers, to the traditionally busy holiday season this past month; December has been a wild ride. In this months breakdown we will be filling you in on what he have been up to in December.

December was the cherry on top of a crazy but very successful year. We launched the platform prior to COVID really hitting the world, but we are glad we could be there to support and facilitate for an industry which was hit particularly hard by all the measures put in place to control this pandemic.

Very soon after launching the product we had a big influx of customers and the flexibility of the system and organization was immediately tested. Looking back to what we achieved in the following months, it makes us proud to see we were able to scale the Bistroo platform from an MVP/Initial launch to a fully operational business with 8 team members and monthly growing recurring revenue in such a short timeframe.

Thanks for embarking and continuing on this journey with us, on to the next phase. We are hungry (pun intended) for what 2021 will bring!

Eurest & High Tech Campus Pilot Program

In December we teamed up with Eurest and High Tech Campus to supply al their local partners with food & drink boxes throughout the end of the year. Partners of High Tech Campus and Eurest were able to visit the store on to subsequently use gift vouchvers to select their products for delivery. The campaign was labelled with the apt slogan ‘Turning partnership into success’.

Current stats

  • Weekly order high of 1620 orders
  • Monthly order volume high of $220,000
  • Surpassing $1,000,000 in platform order volume
  • 13,600 unique users
Bistroo End of Year review outlining the progress from March 2020 until December 2020

Development Updates

  1. Native App development

Development for the native app has been completed and subsequent BETA testing has successfully concluded as well. We’re now in the validation and verification process for both App Stores and we aim to release the Bistroo native app shortly after being verified.

2. Search Engine
The Bistroo Search Engine has been upgraded to support multiple category searches. This feature is slated for release in January.

3. Serverside rendering and new Framework
We transitioned our frontend app code base from Framework7 to NuxtJS. This improved our structure and app flow by a sizeable margin. Additionally, this allows us to use SSR to serve our application. This improves both our SEO and application speed.

4. In app FIAT Payment Selection
For the native app as well as the web app, we have improved the order payment flow. The consumer will now be forwarded directly to their chosen FIAT payment processor (Bank, PayPal, … ) instead of being linked through our payment partner Mollie first. This feature will also be released in January.

5. Merchant Dashboard improvements

We have been working on multiple additional functionalities that our merchants requested:

  • Merchants can now set a minimum order amount for their products.
  • Free delivery thresholds can now be easily adjusted for specific delivery area’s.
  • In-depth order view details allow for merchants to derive more information from incoming orders.
  • We added multiple refund options for our merchants. Now they can choose the exact amount and the part of the order they would like to refund.

6. Stock management

We improved and refactored our product management options. The merchant is now able to set the current stock available of the products on their menu. This translates directly into their live online storefront and notifications will be sent when they are low on stock. The merchant can choose if a product will show an out of stock label or if it will disappear completely from their menu, until refilled.

7. VAT rules

The merchant now has the option to turn on VAT rules for their menu. This feature is intended to aid the merchant in simplifying their own administration and that of their B2B clients.


Next to the consumer, the central part of our platform is the merchant. We want you to hear about their experiences using the Bistroo platform.

Bistroo Merchant QarcZuivel which is available on the Bistroo marketplace in Eindhoven

“At Qarczuivel we control the entire chain from the cow to finished dessert and we are proud of that! We work on a small scale and never process our milk unnecessarily. This ensures the rich taste of our products. Using Bistroo allows us to sell our products directly to the end customer.”

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