The Bistroo Breakdown : Monthly Progress Report — February 2022

Every month, we publish a monthly update to our token holders and broader community. Welcome to the February 2022 edition. Growth campaigns, community fostering and more tech development are the main highlights of this month.

General Updates

  • We ran the first pilot campaign in our cluster of Almere. This included Social & Google ads, physical banner campaigns, digital banners and flyering.
  • Complete rework of the emailing campaigns for both merchants & consumers and their respective designs.
  • We’ve started the creation of our first video campaigns.
  • Maintaining the growth and onboarding of new merchants in Almere.
  • Preparing and onboarding new merchants for our next region-based area of interest : Eindhoven.
  • In February, 33 new merchants were onboarded.
  • Since the introduction of User Accounts halfway through February, almost 200 user accounts have been created.
  • Customer Service for both merchants and consumers are being improved with the introduction of new tools and processes over the period.
  • First preparations for agency and partner-driven growth have started.
  • Partnerships for entry in the Belgium market are being set-up and the necessary components are being developed and implemented.
  • We’ve hired a new digital marketeer to improve our marketing strategy.
  • Bistroo was featured in an article on “In De Buurt Eindhoven”.
  • We had an AMA with Bittrex on their YouTube channel.
  • We are constantly running giveaways and quizzes on our Telegram channel.
  • We’re in the process of hiring more developers to ramp up our development cycles.
  • We’ve started the design process for autonomous onboarding of merchants.
  • We’re testing the first BETA version of the new merchant portal. These will be dedicated applications on desktop and mobile.
  • First version of the new printmanager is ready. This means that all Point of Sale printers will now work instantly, plug-and-play, without needing any installs.
  • Order live view is ready to be implemented. Merchants now have a real time order processing system.
  • First version of our scalable data infrastructure has started the testing phase.
  • Dozens of performance and UI(X) upgrades in the consumer app and marketplace have been put through.
  • User accounts are now implemented and live for all consumers.
  • New design and flow upgrades regarding templates for all transactional e-mails (order, accounts etc.) are live.



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