The Bistroo Breakdown: Monthly Progress Report — February 2023

Every month, we publish a monthly update to our token holders and broader community. Welcome to the February 2023 edition. This month, we ‘ve spoken to potential franchises for partnerships, launched a subscription product for merchants and a new campaign in our Eindhoven hub.

3 min readMar 3, 2023

General Updates

  • We released our look ahead for 2023, which you can read here and our founder, Bas Roos, did an Q&A with our community, which you can read here.
  • Our subscription products, which are part of our new expanded catalogue for merchants, fully launched. These modules are the BistrooShop (webshop), BistrooPage (webshop + website) and BistrooQR (QR code stickers for tables). We’ve automated these systems with Financial Reporting, Invoicing & Debtor management. This has been done in order to make the financial reporting aligned with the scalability of our Protocol as a Service proposition of the Bistroo ecosystem.
  • Expanded the Sales & Merchant Support teams to process increased inflow of new merchants.
  • We have welcomed 29 merchants on our platform YTD. Because the first weeks of the year are seasonally slow for onboarding new merchants.
  • Preparations for new region expansion are wrapped and the related campaign is ready to be launched next week. New areas, here we come!
  • Concept of Annual Reports being finalized, Finance & Control framework optimized and more automated. This is to have a fully compliant financial reporting, including any crypto transactions or earnings through BIST products/services in the future.
  • Improved target groups & customer segment approach for efficient outreach, onboarding and deal closing
  • New Point of Sale device integration partners concluded, to be announced shortly.

Development Updates

  • We’ve put the last finishing touches on the Utility Beta Portal, which is now nearly ready for release.
  • Our handheld Point of Sale device is in the final testing phase and ready for launch in March, plug & play all the way! This device can be used in the kitchen to receive and process orders easily as an addition to our printer devices.
  • Worked out technical specifications of some partnership integrations, to be announced soon.
  • Finalization of our automatic invoicing system.
  • We’ve added a new merchant portal download page in business section.
  • Selecting your location in the app and website now work more smoothly. A Google integration has been implemented and our location picker now runs on a more user friendly methodoloy; location instead of zipcode only.
  • Big feature and bugfixes update to the merchant portal; more than 25 outstanding tickets have implemented.
  • Implemented CLS and other page ranking improvements.
  • Cashdesk, a food delivery software provider, has been integrated with Bistroo.

Marketing Updates

In February we prepared our relaunch campaign in Eindhoven. We finalized the images and animations and resized those assets to all relevant placement formats. On the 27th, we kicked off the relaunch campaign with Out of Home advertising, social advertising on the Meta platforms, Youtube pre-rolls and digital display ads. Furthermore, we showcase our campaign assets on all our owned channels, such as email and social media.

  • Tested and implemented a way for merchant leads to directly book an appointed with our sales team through our emailmarketing.
  • Redesigned our merchant page UI for consumers.
  • started A/B testing an action button in the payment step of the checkout.
  • Tested our first Tiktok Ads campaign.
  • Improved our breadcrumb structure for SEO.
  • Published our first listicle blog.
  • Did a thorough retention analysis, which we used as a basis to optimize our retention emailmarketing campaign.
  • Started with test to analyze image and button placements, content and sending behaviour for emailmarketing.
  • Developed two new video campaign assets in accordance with the externally developed ones.
  • Prepared merchant prospecting direct mail & email campaigns.
  • Evaluated and implemented A/B test concerning geo-location pop-up; significant uplift was measured in gathering addresses from users.
  • Added new merchant ad groups to the Search Advertising campaigns.

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Bistroo is a peer-to-peer marketplace for food & beverages, powered by the BIST Token🍔🥙🥃