The Bistroo Breakdown: Monthly Progress Report — January 2021

4 min readFeb 5, 2021
The Bistroo Breakdown cover for January 2021

New Year, new plans! After taking some time to reflect on a crazy first year for Bistroo, we started off 2021 with a bang. Our private sale has just closed and we’re planning the upcoming public token sale for the BIST token. Next to that we had an office move to accomodate our constantly growing team.

Current Stats

The start of the year has been about laying foundations to grow Bistroo; preparations have been ongoing for both the private token sale as well as the public token sale and staff growth.

  • We’re on track with $200,000 platform volume during January. Historically, January is a slow month is the food sector as it comes after the busy holiday season. That’s why we’re glad to see yet another month with over $200,000 in platform volume.
  • We hired a new Senior Sales & Account Manager for Europe to help us achieve our growth goals for 2021 and beyond.
  • Our office has gotten too small! To accomodate the growth in staff we have been through, we acquired a new and bigger office space on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. Sneak peek to follow!
  • After our succesful Christmas pilot run with the High Tech Campus and Compass Group we’re excited to annouce the expansion of our program with Compass Group and we have now onboarded their first restaurant in Eindhoven; Subway.
  • Closed out the Private BIST sale, preparations for next phase of token sale ongoing, update soon!

Development updates

This month has been about finetuning the last few things for the native app release and a full UI and UX redesign of the Bistroo Marketplace to take the application to the next level. Next to that we’ve worked on financial framework automation and system efficiency.

  1. Native app release
    After months of development, the native app is finally available in the Apple Appstore. It is currently only available in the countries of our offering (the Netherlands). The Android Appstore release is pending approval now and we’re expected to release there shortly.
  2. Full interface redesign
    We went back to the drawing board to take our user experience of the Bistroo application to a new level. Changes have been made to the current design and user flow. Both visually and functionally, the Bistroo app is now even more user-friendly. The new designs are already fully done and will be developed in February. The integration should be ready at the beginning of Q2.
  3. Financial framework
    Because Bistroo has grown a lot in the past year, it was time for a structural implementation for our financial system. We were still partly doing the bookkeeping manually. Our fully automated invoicing and accounting system will be further implemented in February.
  4. Application landscape refactor + framework optimization
    We have grown from a simple ordering portal to a food management platform. With this growth, our system has continuously grown in terms of code. We try to do an optimization and refactor every 3 months. This time we have integrated a completely new framework as a basis, allowing our platform-wide system to function even faster and more efficiently.
  5. Advanced opening and closing hours
    Finally, there was a lot of demand from our merchants for more extensive options to manage their opening and closing hours (with under capacity and holidays exemptions). We have responded to this and have implemented more extensive options to meet the merchants’ needs.


Next to the consumer, the central part of our platform is the merchant. We want you to hear about their experiences using the Bistroo platform.

Bistroo Merchant WIBA Horeca of Woest, Frietkot by Woest & Bij de Neut available on the Bistroo marketplace in Westerhoven

“We have been able to set up a great collaboration. We were looking for a way to easily provide our service to our guests online. Thanks to this collaboration between Bistroo and WiBa Horeca, our guests can now easily enjoy our service and products at home.”

  • WIBA Horeca (Woest, Frietkot by Woest & Bij de Neut)

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