The Bistroo Breakdown: Monthly Progress Report — June 2021

3 min readJul 2, 2021
Bistroo Breakdown monthly cover June

This month has been all about new hires and partnerships! We’re getting close to having all the experts on board to fully set sail with the Bistroo ship. Next to that — partnerships galore! Our dev team has been working hard on the Core V4 launch.

General Updates

We’ve been getting the final hires integrated into the Bistroo team so that we are covered on all sides to further grow over the coming year(s). Our development team is now fully equipped to handle the planning we have laid out and our marketing team is ready to scale up our community and elevate the brand.

  • We hired 4 new developers.
  • We have hired a Social Media & Content Manager and a Community Admin.
  • We closed a partnership with Crypto Birb and his firm The Birb Nest.
  • We teamed up with a branding expert.
  • The BIST Token has been listed on BiDesk, with a HitBTC listing coming up soon.

Development Updates

We have been working hard on Bistroo Core V4, with the entire development- and design team. The first products are being finalized for production currently. In addition, we have hired four new developers. Two of them are freelance, the others will join the Bistroo team full-time from August and September.

Consumer App
The entire flow of the app has been developed into a working product. The latest adjustments that came from first user testing are now implemented. In addition, our developers are writing and implementing end-to-end tests through Cypress. With this, we can immediately guarantee that we remain stable during subsequent iterations.

Merchant Dashboard
We are finally ready for the next step in the renewed Merchant Dashboard. We have implemented all feedback from our merchants, who graciously helped us with user access testing regarding the new flow of the wireframe concepts. This means we’re now officially out of the concepting phase, our UI/UX designer has finished converting the wireframes into production designs. We will have an extensive breakdown of this in a separate blog coming soon.

Developer Marketplace/API
The first BETA version and setup of our developer API is ready. We have set up the basic endpoints and are already testing them with client wrappers. We will immediately start to write some Proof of Concept Apps ourselves for integrations that are high on our (merchants) wish list. Once we have completed all the tests and the API has been passed, we can starting onboard our first developers.

New hires
In addition, we hired two more freelance developers who are working hard to realize the above products even faster. Our new frontend developer has already started building the framework for the new merchant dashboard design. In addition, our full-time backend dev Menno will now be joined by Michael, a new backend developer who started working for us on a freelance basis last week, he is gonna help him out with developing the API. Soon you can expect a full break down of the Bistroo Core v4 project. Stay tuned!

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