The Bistroo Breakdown : Monthly Progress Report — March 2022

Every month, we publish a monthly update to our token holders and broader community. Welcome to the March 2022 edition. The staking program, advertisement expansion and merchant growth have been the main focus this month.

General Updates

  • Interim CMO assignment started for optimizing strategy, marketing, and growth.
  • Hired a Growth Manager.
  • Onboarded 20 new merchants in the Eindhoven region.
  • Production of the first version of a video ad is finalized. We are preparing for this in order to advertise on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook stories, etc. These ads have higher conversion rates than static ads.
  • Start of a project to reassess our landing pages, SEO pages, tone of voice in our ads and ad optimization.
  • Significant progress on all projects related to going ‘borderless’ with the infrastructure and protocol :
  • Multichain Single Asset Staking Program released, check it out!
  • Multi-wallet support integrated on our BIST Community Portal. We support 150+ wallets including Metamask, TrustWallet and WalletConnect.
  • Refactor of the BIST portal.
  • “Multiple Addresses” feature for user accounts in the Consumer App has been added.
  • Further development on merchant autonomous onboarding (PaaS).
  • Modals refactoring in the Consumer App.
  • Merchant notifications have been optimised.
  • Reviews refactor done. This gives merchants the option to respond.
  • Menu builder feature added in the Merchant Portal (Wysiwyg approach for creating menus).
  • Printer configuration (modal setup).
  • Bug fixes and UI optimizations for the Consumer App.



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