The Bistroo Breakdown: Monthly Progress Report — November 2020

5 min readDec 5, 2020
The Bistroo Breakdown cover for November 2020

Our team at Bistroo is continiously working to improve on our service so that you can get the most out of it. Now that can be a lot, that’s why have The Bistroo Breakdown. In which we give you the lowdown of everything that happened during the month. In this first iteration we will give you an overview of where we started and where we are now.


Since the inception of Bistroo two years ago the team has grown from the 2 founders to currently 8 employees. Our team covers all areas needed to continue with the current growth trend. We will be expanding our team on an as needed basis in line with our current growth projections.

All the current employees and founders that work the food cryptocurrency startup Bistroo from Eindhoven

Current stats

The Bistroo platform is currently up and running on the Dutch market on the domain. Since the launch in March 2020 we have:

  • Onboarded 204 merchants
  • 11207 users accounts created
  • $830.000 in platform volume

Our weekly order volume has been steadily increasing. Throughout the month of October we have seen a 315% increase in Month to Date order revenue. In November we realized another 60% increase.

The month to date order revenue increase from August to december 2020 for Bistroo

The Application

A lot has happend during the development progress of this month. We improved the usability in our flow for the consumer app. In addition, we have further expanded and optimized the options for the distribution channels in our merchant Dashboard.

Our most important platform updates highlighted:

  1. Geocode flow consumer app
    We have implemented a new geocoding service that also recognizes the newest neighborhoods. In addition, the ease of use has been improved, whereby the user is asked for his credentials when it is really necessary. Later in the process, we ask for this specific information and automatically pick up the desired address.
  2. Distribution options for merchants
    In the current setup we used general options for both delivery and take-away orders. Think of shipping costs, minimum order amount, etc. With the new improvements, the merchants can indicate on the map where they deliver and how much it costs. From now on they can enter separate details for take-away and delivery. For example, the merchant can use a different preparation time or opening hours for take-away and delivery orders. And also disable them on a specifiek date and time.
  3. Credit vouchers (gift cards)
    In response to a couple of requests from our merchants, we have developed a system whereby companies can purchase Bistroo vouchers to give away as business gifts. This option is available platform-wide, but also possible to limit for specific merchants. For example, we have a Christmas package shop where both consumers and companies can spend credit. This is already live and operating.
  4. Print manager
    Merchants can connect a receipt printer to the Bistroo platform. Although this was already an existing feature, it lacked functionalities such as batch printing and a persistent connection. For this we have developed a client that batches incoming orders and saves them in case of failure (printer offline event). When the printer becomes out of range it tries to reconnect automatically if possible. As a result, there is more consistency in the stability of our direct print functionality within the platform.

The Token

We have been mainly working out token usability optimalization and design when it comes to the BIST Token. The overhaul will continue with our whitepaper and our other branding materials in the coming months.

Recent important changes made here are:

  1. Token design

This month has been one where we have been making a lot of steady improvements and updates on our branding and design, including the release of our new BIST Token design.

  1. Token feature addition

We’re also introducing two new features to our token use case repertoire. In addition to the token use cases already known to you, we are now adding staking for both consumers and merchant. Full details for both these staking options will be included in our updated whitepaper release.


Next to the consumer, the central part of our platform is the merchant. We want you to hear about their experiences using the Bistroo platform, particularly now with COVID-19 making it more difficult for them to run their operations.

Bistroo Merchant Lunch & More from Eersel that is available on the Bistroo marketplace

“During the pandemic we started online orders through Bistroo. This brings a lot of peace of mind. Because of Bistroo we have less telephone orders and swifness at the checkout. We will therefore certainly continue with this.“

- Lunch & More

Bistroo Merchant Xtra.Social from Reusel that is available on the marketplace

“I had known the concept of Bistroo for some time, but stubborn as I am, I initially thought I didn’t need the platform. Now I thought, why not ?! Orders have been coming in at a rapid pace and, especially in these difficult times for a starting entrepreneur, the extra turnover is more than welcome. We even had to take the portal offline, because It was almost impossible to handle the crowds. I thank Bistroo for trying to onboard us several times, because we are already happy with our choice! Looking forward to many more orders! “


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Bistroo is a direct-to-consumer, peer-2-peer marketplace that significantly reduces commission fees and enables direct online interaction between all process stakeholders on the online platform. An ecosystem where food consumption can be easily organized and personalized to cater to the needs of individual customers and merchants alike. Superior customer convenience but with better terms.

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