The Bistroo Breakdown: Monthly Progress Report — October 2023

Every month, we publish a monthly update to our token holders and broader community. Welcome to the September 2023 edition. This month, we achieved new heights in sales, made and worked on more key partnerships, launched new campaigns and made more advancements in development.

4 min readNov 3, 2023

General & Sales

  • Last week we hosted our community AMA (refer to our Telegram channel for all questions covered and answered.)
  • A new longterm hardware distribution partnership was set-up and the collaboration will start in November. This allows us to directly distribute the necessary POS hardware in The Netherlands but also in Europe and beyond going forward.
  • A new merchant onboarding partner-program is in the works and has kicked off last week with the first pilot partners within The Netherlands. We are looking for sales partners willing to onboard new merchants for a nice incentive. If there’s any interest in this, please reach out to any of the moderators in our Telegram channel and they will relay the information to the team.
  • The main objective going forward is onboarding new merchants at a higher rate. About 2,5x of our current performance. With the launch of the industry’s first self-onboarding funnel for merchants, we have diversified and expanded our acquisition channels to reach this goal while also preparing to utilize and optimize this online channel for expansion in other countries in the future.
  • The AI generated e-commerce web pages for merchants, which is our BistrooPage product, is currently in the final phases of testing and will be pilot-launched in November.
  • Our subsequent Proof of Concept AI use-case is taking shape and a Beta version of this product will be announced in November as well. Both AI modules will support easy, quick and automated merchant self-onboarding in the future. Stay tuned as we tackle the most time- and work-intensive steps of setting up a functional store by utilizing AI.
  • In October, the order volume has grown 426% year-on-year, compared to October 2022.
  • 2188 first-time users placed an order in October 2023. That is a 237% increase in first-time customers year-on-year, compared to October 2022.
  • 656 new user accounts were created in September 2023. A year-on-year increase of 212% in new user accounts signed up on a monthly basis.
  • 38 new merchants have been onboarded in September of 2023. Last month marks the highest rate of new merchants on a monthly basis. The goal is to increase this monthly number significantly over the next 12 months.


In October, the marketing team has been hard at work advancing on many levels. The New York Pizza campaign has been launched in Tilburg. We also kept on creating video and photo content, building out our own media database. The latter is an ongoing work. We conducted several tests on social media, email marketing and PPC-marketing. We kept on producing SEO-content for mid-funnel search terms. Lastly, we identified an unfair competitive advantage in our Search Ads. You know those “Winner Takes All” strategies used by other food delivery companies. We took the necessary steps to level the playing field. However, it seems that this will not be accomplished overnight, so we will have to keep at it diligently.

Below are a bit more specific things that have been done last month :

  • A new social advertising campaign (ASC+) has been launched.
  • We launched a new Google Ads campaign type (Performance Max).
  • We produced the first white label flyers for merchants.
  • A new SEO-content pillar has been created.
  • We set up a funnel measurement in GA4 allowing us to collect more and better first party data.
  • We conducted 3 organic social tests.
  • We implemented DMARC-records to better understand our email marketing deliverability.
  • A dynamic content template for our newsletter was created.
  • We planned and created a customer survey to enrich our customer data.
  • We created and sent merchant newsletters to customers on behalf of a selection of our merchants.
  • We had a 21% monthly increase in SEO-traffic.


Merchant portal:

  • We released the Onboarding Wizard v1. This is a major milestone for Bistroo!

- Create an account on Bistroo.

- Create a company & establishment.

- Create a Stripe account.

  • We have a new authentication flow.
  • We added a Splash Screen.
  • We worked on the Customer page (ongoing).
  • We enabled the Socket open/closed buttons for companies and establishments.

Consumer app:

  • We made some distribution fixes for the marketplace.
  • We made validation improvements for checkout (impact on email, telephone number, account and timeslot validation).
  • We added Stripe validation.
  • We merged the backend and frontend validation into one validator.
  • We made some styling optimizations for validation.
  • We fixed a Zip Code error bug (auto location failure fix).
  • Ordering the QR code skips credential modal now.
  • We fixed a modal error (false positive errors).
  • We optimized the Thank you page for QR ordering.
  • We added a Show Location modal on the product.
  • We have a new and better flow for distribution settings.
  • We worked on multiple minor bug fixes.
  • We made SSR improvements for SEO.
  • We added a “Bistroo exclusive” label.
  • We reworked the Password reset page.
  • We made Cart improvements (when not hitting order limits).
  • We made fixes on the Product modal scroll.
  • We fixed the QR ordering without credentials.

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