The Bistroo Breakdown: Monthly Progress Report — September 2023

Every month, we publish a monthly update to our token holders and broader community. Welcome to the September 2023 edition. This month, we experienced more growth in sales, improved our content strategy and had many development releases for the Merchant Portal and the Consumer App.

4 min readOct 6, 2023


September & Q3 Highlights

  • In September, the order volume has grown 375% year-on-year, compared to September 2022. This results in an overall Q3 year-on-year increase of 364% in order volume.
  • 1979 first-time users placed an order in September 2023. That is a 237% increase in first-time customers year-on-year, compared to September 2022. Overall, 6118 first-time users used one of our products to order a meal, a 362% increase year-on-year to Q3 2022.
  • 517 new user accounts were created in September 2023. A year-on-year increase of 189% in new user accounts signed up on a monthly basis. 1535 new user accounts were created during Q3 2023, a year-on-year increase of 295%.
  • 31 new merchants have been onboarded in September of 2023, of which 39% also subscribed to one of our sub-based services. Last month marks the highest rate of new merchants on a monthly basis, shared with June of this year.
  • In Q3, 63 new merchants were onboarded on the Bistroo platform. A 11% decrease compared to Q2, during which 71 new merchants were onboarded. However, Q3 is seasonally the slowest quarter for onboarding new merchants due to the summer holiday season. We have additional scaling of operations planned for Q4 for this process. We’ll share more updates on this shortly.


In the past few weeks, several releases have gone live. These releases pertain to the Consumer (web) app, Merchant Portal, and POS device. We will share some of them in this report but will provide a full Dev Release Note next week.

Consumer (web) App Releases:

  • We fixed a basket bug on the consumer app. The delivery fees were stuck when making the switch from delivery to take-away.
  • The discount section has been redesigned.
  • We made the notifications for pre-order orders in the checkout clearer.
  • The Tip function has been fixed.
  • The marketplace redesign has been finalized.
  • The native app releases are back in sync.
  • We added an optional dropdown.
  • We made some fixes on the distribution flow.
  • The comments field is now customizable and the merchants can add their own text.
  • We added Menu options: Menu based on distribution type, product set based on time and product set active/inactive.
  • Marketing pages fixes and facelift: Ability to disable location on marketing pages, header image is now customizable and a fix for displaying selected establishments.
  • We released the NYP campaign banner.
  • Fixed automatic store closure when no time slots are available.
  • Checkout distribution modification bug fixes. For example, we made it possible to keep a shopping cart after changing the distribution.
  • We made a hotfix for a Payment bug.
  • We Fixed an error in zip codes that weren’t correctly displayed when using automatic location detection.
  • Ordering via QR code now skips credential models.
  • We optimized the Thank you page for QR ordering.

Merchant Portal Releases:

  • We made some fixes on the store Printer.
  • Disabled the “overwrite function” to avoid the merchant’s confusion.
  • Added service fees to the order total.
  • The delivery areas are now scrollable.
  • We fixed the Map for delivery areas.
  • We added the Prep-time per delivery area.
  • Distribution ordering is now global (for both pickup and delivery).
  • Extra print logging for situations with false acknowledging.
  • We made Print receipt fixes for the POS device.
  • Index optimization for important pages (speed improved by 10 to 20 times): Orders, products and menu’s & menu builder.
  • The comments field is now customizable and the merchants can add their own text.
  • Menu option changes: menu based on distribution type, product set based on time, product set active/inactive, menu duplication function and menu deletion warning model.
  • We fixed the Order live view sorting.
  • We added a dropzone for New image uploads.
  • We added the ability to delete images.
  • We added an optional dropdown and added the option for “Add a drink” or “no drink”.
  • Print today is fixed.


In September, we crafted a new social content strategy after a roundtable session at My Jewellery. We will go back to basics and focus on our product: the food of our restaurants. The idea is to combine professionally produced content with smartphone-shot Lo-Fi content in order to greatly increase the output of engaging, fun and beautiful content.

  • We had a 12% monthly increase in SEO-traffic.
  • We prepared our periodic New York Pizza Collab campaign. This includes :


— Youtube true view ads

— Meta Ads

— Owned Socials

— Dedicated emailer for NYP

—Guerilla marketing in collaboration with local study associations.

— Turff ads in student houses.

  • Our SEO experiment yielded 34% click through rate improvement for restaurant pages.
  • We started a collaboration with a top-tier email marketing agency.
  • We conducted 10 think-out-loud protocol user research sessions.
  • We produced 17 City + cuisine SEO-pages.

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