The Bistroo Menu: A look at the 2023 Roadmap and Beyond

After laying the structures to expand in 2022, this year is all about bringing more utility to the Bistroo Ecosystem and lowering the barriers for more merchants and customers to join. Dive into the prospects for 2023 with us!

5 min readFeb 7, 2023

Food delivery and takeaway services are growing markets, but they also have challenges. Creating a sustainable system that benefits all parties involved requires a change in the way these services operate. Bistroo is leading the way on this, offering sustainable platform services that reduce overhead costs for restaurants and give them more control over their online operations.

We’re excited to share our plans for 2023 and beyond with your in this first Roadmap update. Bistroo has big plans for 2023 and we will be sharing more details with you as we move throughout the year and get closer to each milestone.

Quarter One

We start the year by launching several new products and services to lower the barriers for entry into the online food market for merchants, and further deploying features for increased utility for all Bistroo users.

The Utility Portal BETA release marks the first steps into sharing our on-chain token utility with the community. This will make it easier for businesses and customers to become part of the Bistroo community and adopt BIST’s features in an enjoyable and secure manner. The first two smart contracts that will be available for testing on the portal are: the escrow contract (order & pay) and reward (share & earn) reward contracts. This is a big milestone for both Bistroo and the food industry, as this is a first in the sector.

The new Bistroo POS device is a handheld device that allows merchants to receive, view and print their orders live as they come in. This is an addition to the dashboard and USB printers Bistroo already provides. The App Marketplace for merchants helps our business users to easily integrate third party apps and services.

Next to the web-based dashboard, we will also release a mobile native app version of the dashboard for merchants. The native app version of the dashboard is another step into seemless adoption on every device, without requiring any hardware that needs to be purchased from Bistroo to get started.

As we roll out phase 1 of BistrooPay the number of ways for merchants to automonously start with selling within the Bistroo ecocsystem is expanded tremendously. This will be made available for our first ‘self-onboarding’-pilot within an expanded region in NL. Phase 1 of BistrooPay will also enable us to incentivise users when certain actions are performed and detected. This allows for much easier implementation of vouchers, discounts, referrals, automatic cash flows, payouts and more.

The second consumer campaign that will be launched in the Eindhoven region will be used to raise awareness and drive more customers to the platform. This is an out of home & digital campaign that includes billboards, cinema advertising, radio advertising and other digital media. Our first campaign in this region improved our knowledge on effective campaign execution. These learnings are already being applied in our day-to-day marketing operations and the preparation for the second campaign in this region. This has resulted in significant improvements on critical KPI’s like Costs Per Order & Costs per Acquisition, while maintaining total order volume and gross merchant value growth.

Quarter Two

In the second quarter, Bistroo will focus on onboarding new merchants even faster and giving them even more control over their shop. Consumers in our active regions will also see the rollout of the first referral systems.

By integrating the Bistroo Products; BistrooQR, BistrooPage and BistrooShop into the Merchant Portal, merchants will be able to onboard, set-up, configure and customize and control their online stores fully themselves. From start to end, opening your own business store on Bistroo will be supported and rolled out (inter)nationally. This is also a first in the industry and sets the stage for Bistroo to expand rapidly (inter)nationally and scale as a true PaaS provider.

Through automation of certain events, merchants will receive additional support through insights into their customers behaviour and notifications for special products or discounts. This will further strenghten our position as a PaaS provider for merchants by increasing the amount of tools to efficiently market themselves to their target audience. The national pilot of the self-onboarding wizard provides more opportunities for new business owners to become part of the platform.

Incentivising of customers, gamification of user journeys and customer loyalty programs further down the line are a core use case for BIST utility. The first iteration of this system starts with phase 1 of the referral rewards. While we implement off-chain referral rewards we move from the BETA utility portal into production of the open-sourced smart contracts, setting the stage for on-chain settlement and reward contracts to go live.

Quarters Three, Four & Beyond

As we draw closer to these key milestones, we will be giving more details about these milestones and our outlook going forward. Our goal remains to increase the utility of BIST within the Bistroo Ecosystem and to provide seamless access to Bistroo for both merchants and consumers.

In the first half of the year, we set the stage for loyalty programs, both on- and off-chain and for settlements on-chain through the BETA testing of the referral & reward contracts. These setups allow us to start integrating utility for BIST into the Bistroo Ecosystem in the second half of the year and lays a foundation to expand loyalty, reward and partner programs exponentially. NFT loyalty programs, for example, could be used to give merchants the option to create tailor-made rewards programs and incentives for their specific customer’s needs.

To further build on this, we will be releasing a Bistroo API for developers that will allow third parties to build on top of Bistroo and connect with the Bistroo Ecosystem. In the third quarter, pilots with the self-onboarding system are also slated for release beyond the Dutch borders, further setting Bistroo up to scale without being limited by human resources. Having a system in place that is virtually unlimited in terms of capacity and that can be built upon by community members will allow us to provide a truly borderless and transparant marketplace for ordering food against fair prices.

We’re looking forwards to the 2023 and beyond. Are you? 🙂

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Bistroo is a peer-to-peer marketplace for food & beverages, powered by the BIST Token. Bistroo is a pioneer in the blockchain-based food industry, building protocols that empower the merchants in an ecosystem that also benefits the customers.

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Bistroo is a peer-to-peer marketplace for food & beverages, powered by the BIST Token🍔🥙🥃