The Bistroo UI & UX update

2 min readMar 31, 2021


New Bistroo mobile app for food delivery & takeaway UI

We already teased some of the new UI designs with you over the past few days, but of course we couldn’t hold back. Therefore, in this blog we’re sharing all the designs with you!

“What we are most looking forward to with this new UI is that both the mobile and web app will improve a lot in terms of user-friendliness. We have been using the first iteration of the platform for a year and we have learned a lot from that. With this feedback, our UI & UX designer started designing a fully improved version at the beginning of this year. In addition to the improved user-friendliness, this also gives us a solid basis to implement BIST Token integrations and ambassador programs at a later stage.”

The Mobile App

The Landing page

The Desktop Marketplace

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Bistroo is a direct-to-consumer, peer-2-peer marketplace that significantly reduces commission fees and enables direct online interaction between all process stakeholders on the online platform. An ecosystem where food consumption can be easily organized and personalized to cater to the needs of individual customers and merchants alike. Superior customer convenience but with better terms.

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Bistroo is a peer-to-peer marketplace for food & beverages, powered by the BIST Token🍔🥙🥃