The entire Bistroo Core V4 Update — Breakdown

7 min readAug 12, 2021

As you have read in our past monthly breakdowns, we are working hard on the development of the Bistroo Core V4 update. This project will optimize the entire web app, mobile app and merchant dashboard. In this blog, we provide some more insights on this topic and take you along in our development process on this major platform update. We are extremely proud of the progress the team has made so far, and are very excited to share this with our community.

How did the Bistroo Core V4 project start?

Bistroo started in 2019 with a MVP/BETA version of the application and has been officially live since early 2020. Since then we have been working hard to make our platform user-friendly. Right from the launch of the BETA phase, we had merchants who use the platform to run their online food business. Since then, this number has only continued to grow.

The process since the initial BETA launch has provided us with a lot of feedback from our merchants. We started with a simple ordering app, but have now transformed into a highly customizable food & beverage purchasing platform for both restaurants and food shops. Our merchants are essential to us, so all feedback collected in the past 1,5 years has been implemented into the current version of the platform.

But what if we had all this information from the start? What would the processes and user flows have looked like? This is where the idea for Bistroo Core V4 was born.

What is the Bistroo Core V4 project?

Bistroo Core V4 is a complete redesign and optimization of our frameworks, distribution methods, app designs and user flows. We have made significant strides in both technology and user-friendliness, and now it’s time to fully use them. For example, we have completely refactored our core system with regards to optimization of the classes and functions. Especially the abstraction of the backend, where the targeted functions are much more general and dynamic benefits from this refactoring. This also makes the process of reusing and extending components more streamlined in the future.

In addition, we have completely redesigned our applications with the help of both internal and external UI(X) designers. The end result is two completely new user flows. This applies to the Bistroo consumer (web) app and the Bistroo merchant dashboard, which have been redesigned with a flow that is much more user friendly.

Finally, we have looked at our API, specifically how we could improve its utility. Up until now, it has been a closed API, only for internal use of our applications. However, as of Bistroo Core V4 it will be (partly) an open API with endpoints for all processes within the platform. This will eventually allow (external) developers to develop applications for the Bistroo ecosystem.

Later this year, the developers portal will go online. It will then be possible to register as a Bistroo developer and develop applications for payment in BIST tokens. The developed applications will be placed in the new Bistroo App Store and can be installed and used by our merchants. More information on the developer API and open-source access will be released at a later date.

The phases of Bistroo Core V4

As you may have noticed, it’s a huge project, resulting in a phased release. The entire project includes several deliverables and updates. Below we have made an overview of these releases:

Phase 1 (Q3):

- Bistroo Core V4 framework release

- Consumer website and (web) app release

- API Integrations release (BETA)

Phase 2 (Q4 ):

- Merchant Dashboard release

- Integrations API (Live)

- App Store integrations release

Product overview

To help illustrate the developments, we have described the current status for each release below.

Bistroo Core V4 framework

We wanted to improve our architecture for some time, mainly because over the years, parts of the code base became bloated and lost their dynamic approach. We concluded it was time to refactor several core parts, resulting in better utilization of the core components and resources. For this, we looked into factors that currently delayed or affected our efficiency in the development process.

Image 1: Refactor of our (bloated) basket code

One of the biggest improvements is how we allow third parties to integrate into our software. Until this moment, they were directly coded into the core code base. As of Core V4 they will be separated into modules and are provided as separate services in the framework.

Another big and central part of the Bistroo framework is our distribution system. This module will handle the different methods for types of distribution available to our merchants. Think of pick-up, self delivery and delivery with a courier. These contain many variables such as delivery times, ranges, costs and more. Bistroo started with a simple system where takeout and delivery were equal but has now grown into a highly customizable module.

Image 2: Advanced distribution settings of the core v4 configurator

Merchant Dashboard

For the current merchant dashboard, we analysed the user flow processes and collected this output as a foundation for the new UI(X). We mainly looked at streamlining the functionalities. Our main goal always is to ensure user-friendly merchant dashboard.

Our current dashboard has a website-like design, which we wanted to make more abstract and functional. The main focus was to create a software-like look and feel, allowing it to be used as a full page or standalone application. It is important the merchant can find all functions quickly without much graphical interference.

Image 3: Dashboard comparison

We are also working on a more customizable product flow, where the merchant has much more freedom in setting up their own menus, specials and deals via the new editor. In the future the merchant has more freedom to build their own shop. It will be possible to use special blocks in the menu builder, in which they can place text, images and videos of their choosing. This allows the merchant to create a personal atmosphere in their shop.

Image 4: The Bistroo core v4 menu builder
Image 5: Product editor in the menu builder

Consumer website and (web) app

Perhaps the most important of all, are the products in the consumer app. The current version has been live and operating for a while. We felt it was necessary to improve the user experience, utilizing all the feedback we’ve received from our consumers. The most important guideline for us was analysing how the consumer behaves in our apps. The outcome of this analysis was used to improve the user flows within the app.

Image 6: Mobile core v4 (web)app

What we are most looking forward to with this new UI is that both the mobile and web app will improve a lot in terms of user-friendliness. The outcome is a fresh and clean new app where users can order their food quickly and efficiently.

The app is almost finished, with the final tests currently being written by our developers. The app is already fully functional and operating in a closed BETA state. We will launch the new Bistroo app later this quarter.

Integrations API & App Store

With the Bistroo integrations API, external developers can start developing applications for the Bistroo framework. This allows us to accelerate the growth of our ecosystem and allow external partners to integrate with us more quickly.

Later this year, the developers portal will go online. Bistroo (community) developers will be incentivized with BIST tokens to develop apps and the developed applications will be placed in the new Bistroo Appstore.

Image 8: Authorisation of an externally developed app for the Bistroo App Store
Image 9: Bistroo developer portal, dashboard for creating apps

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