What’s New!? Bistroo Development Release Notes

A new release just went live, bringing many new features and improvements to our merchants. Below is an overview of all the changes the development team implemented.

3 min readApr 22, 2023


  • On bistroo.nl/zakelijk merchants can now find a helpdesk and downloads section for the Merchant Portal.
  • Bistroo introduces a POS device, a mobile device for receiving and printing orders. This multifunctional tablet lets merchants check their incoming orders, print them, manage their timeslots and close/open their online store. Rollout to merchants of this device started this month.
  • The consumer app’s checkout flow has been revamped and optimized.
  • Test payments are now possible for Stripe customers.

The Merchant Portal

  • Entering different times is now possible for both opening and closing times.
  • Input fields for amounts and times have been standardized.
  • Page navigation has been added to the attributes overview.
  • “Close today” (timeslots) now has new (green) labels.
  • (Anonymous) reviews now have an order number for improved insight.
  • The modals (windows) that open in the portal make better use of the screen’s width, especially on small screens.
  • The animation of opening a modal (window) has been improved and no longer flashes.
  • The status of the navigation bar on the left is now remembered after closing the session.
  • A payment status (paid) is now displayed on the print receipt.
  • The “print today” function has been optimized.
  • Merchant statuses have been expanded.
  • Manually closing timeslots now overrides the soft limit.
  • Distribution settings have undergone various bug fixes and are working properly again.
  • From now on, there must always be at least one distribution option enabled (pickup, delivery, or on-site).
  • The delivery area editing feature has clearer navigation, which works with numbered bullets and starts at a central location; the map.


  • A preparation time label has been added for products, visible in both card and table views.
  • The product search function in the menu builder has been optimized.
  • Phasing out of 0% VAT rate for products.
  • A product can be removed from the menu builder via the ‘trash’ button.
  • Sorting options have been added to the product overview, and you can now click on the headings in the table view.
  • Adjusting product images is functional again.
  • Overwriting products is functional again.
  • Products in the overviews for orders and print receipts are now sorted by category.


  • Linking a discount from a location is now possible via settings.
  • Linking a menu to a location and discount can now be done through the menu builder’s settings.
  • A fix for the discount display in the order window now ensures they are displayed correctly.
  • The window for creating discounts has been completely redesigned, making it easier to use.
  • Creating discount coupon codes is functional again.
  • Validation of discounts has been improved, allowing you to add multiple discounts of the same type.

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Bistroo is a peer-to-peer marketplace for food & beverages, powered by the BIST Token🍔🥙🥃